My name is Emma Carlsson and I´m a surface pattern designer and also a fashion designer from Sweden and I´m the owner of Cheam designstudio. I live in the south of Sweden by the lake ”Vättern” in the city of Jönköping. Here I find creativity and inspiration from nature that is around the corner.

I have an education from the school of textile in Borås and also at Nordic textile academy (Nordiska textilakademin) in Borås. Besides that I also have 17 years work experience within textile business but also in eyewear business.


I found my passion for pattern when I went to fashion school in Sweden. A surface designer make seamless patterns for different surfaces such as home textiles, clothing, papers and wallpapers to mention some areas. A seamless pattern could be printed as an all over pattern at any surface. You could have a look at parts of my portfolio HERE to see some of my patterns. But to see more of my patterns pls contact me HERE. I love to see my patterns and illustrations on products and have experience within homedecoration but also within clothing. As a surface pattern designer I could work on firm prices or with licensing. I also work on commission.


My assignments extend to booth pattern design and fashion design/product design. Important in my design process is to take into account the client’s brand and target group. My strength is to be responsive to what the customer wants and adapt the product to strengthen their brand and create commercial products.

My design process ranges from analysis of target group, brand and trend further through concept to design and color scheme. You could take a look at examples of my fashion design from my portfolio HERE.

All of my design objects, regardless of product or pattern, I digitize in illustrator or photoshop. Illustrator files are delivered vectorized to the client, which makes it flexible in further processing at the supplier as well as any adjustments in color or size. For fashion design I work on commission.

To see all of my portfolio klick HERE.

To see all my patterns pls contact me and we could book a meeting, the website just reflects a fraction of the patterns I´ve to offer!

Contact me HERE for licensing, commission, to book a meeting or if you have other questions!

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